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Aerial Photography in Toronto

Ivan Kristoff
Aerial remote access technician.
Michel Bisson
I am a freelance director of photography cameraman in Toronto. I have over 25 years production in movies, commercials, corporate to TV shows and 3D shooting. To find out more about me and see videos of my work please check out my web site at
Prisma Light
Prisma Light has been producing media for over 30 years. For us, the key to making engaging and effective media has always been the two C?s: creativity and collaboration. So take a look at our recent work and see what you think.
Signature Video Group
The Signature Video Group is a Toronto based web video marketing agency. We specialize in the planning, production and distribution of web video content for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
Up Photography
I got my start in aerial photography a decade ago while shooting from planes and helicopters. These days, most of the properties I capture are shot with a drone which tends to result in a much better product with a greater variety of perspectives.

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